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Even as website names go this is a pretty obscure one, but is well worth having a look at if you want to get some design classic replicas at more affordable prices.

I’ve no idea how I came across the site originally. I think I was at work a few years back, Googling things for my wish list for a make believe house when I lived in London. This morning I thought I’d have another look to see what they could offer in the shape of Eames replica dining chairs. Turns out they can offer a lot (another post), but I didn’t want Ben to have a stroke on finding out I’d just purchased a whole dining set without any input from him, so I’ve waited (how PATIENT OF ME) and I went a little smaller and got this little guy for our bathroom instead.

He’s a replica Componobili and the three door version is £45. Not bad right? Considering he isn’t made of wicker and linen like SO MANY bathroom storage units these days are. Seriously! When are they going to get over it and realise that wicker doesn’t make for easy drawer sliding? I’d basically given up looking so am so happy to have finally found some bathroom storage I love!
The original Componobili designed by Anna Ferrieri for Kartell is gorgeous and I love it, but it retails at about £86. I know that’s not going to break the bank, but when it’s going to be used to store deodorants and shower gel in our bathroom I’d rather cut the cost where I can if you know what I mean. 
They have various different versions of this replica Componobili on the Blue Sun Tree site FYI, so you might want to take a look before you head towards the wicker. 
PS This whole post sounds like a big ad for Blue Sun Tree. They have no idea who I am, I just like their site. 


    • Hi there Kaneta! Thanks for the comment. Our bluesuntree Componibili is fab. You’d never know it’s not the real deal. It’s made really well and has lasted nearly 3 years so far with daily use in the bathroom with no scratches or wear and tear at all! Totally recommend!

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