Painted Living Room

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DIY / Living Room / Painting / Picture Post

We finally painted the living room this weekend. I’m still off my face on paint fumes.

I can’t find the camera so I had to take some terrible pictures on my iPhone (3g FYI. Oldest iPhone ever. It’s terminally ill, poor thing).

The whole process of painting two coats on the walls, priming and glossing the wood and putting everything back together again took about a day and a half. The first day was a bit of a bitch, I’d forgotten quite how boring painting can be once the first coat is in place.

Here’s how things look when we started on Saturday morning:

Ben staging a point at nothing in particular. 
And here’s how things looked on Saturday evening post two coats on the walls and some primer on the skirting boards, archway and cabinet. 
To be honest you can’t really see very much because the pictures are terrible, but here is a little list of things I’d learnt by this point:
1. Dulux Trade Paint is the bollocks. Like, seriously the best thing in the world. I’d drink it if I could. It goes on incredibly smoothly and we could have really gotten away with only one coat, we were just being meticulous. It’s so thick and wonderfu,l it is well and truly worth the extra few pounds it costs in comparison to normal Dulux paints. You can buy their Trade paint from any Dulux Decorator Centre and you will love yourself for bothering.
2) You don’t need to bother sugar soaping the walls if they have been painted in the last few years. We just ran a cloth around the skirting and coving to get rid of dust and cobwebs. 
3) Use a decent primer if you are painting over varnished wood. The house was basically like the inside of a cuckoo clock when we bought it. Varnished wood from floor to ceiling. We are slowly trying to rectify that and part of that process is painting the skirting boards, the archway and the built in cabinets a nice glossy white. We used Dulux Super Grip Primer, which again is brilliant. You apply one coat, it dries in six hours and then we only needed one coat of Satinwood! Amazing! 
(PS I wasn’t perked by Dulux for any of this btw, although I’d like to be. Dulux, Dulux, Dulux.)
4) Eat breakfast before you get started or you will end up in ridiculous argument about how to use a roller. 
Here’s the almost finished result:
Still a million things to put back in their place but you get the idea. It feels so much cosier in there already. Very happy. Take two next weekend with the dining room! 
Next up curtains and light shades! Oh the excitement. 


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