Owl Be Seeing You

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Art Work / Christmas / Picture Post

It’s not even Christmas day yet and I’ve already been spoilt with some effing AMAZING gifts. There is a bit of a theme going on and I’m clearly very predictable in my tastes, but that is why I love my friends in a very gay way.

Sorry if I’m a bit gushy, I’m watching A Muppet’s Christmas Carol and it always gets to me.

So presents.

I was given this gift from my lovely friend Laura:

Before I say any more the next present is from my wonderful friend Nat:
I think you get the theme. Things that are white and things that are owls. 
I love anything white and anything that’s an owl! It’s so simple! I’m so simple! Ben has a tattoo of an owl on the inside of him arm. That’s why I like him. 
I actually bought Ben this blackboard for his Christmas present…he loves owls too, obviously. 
I’ve had some other wonderful presents including this gorgeous (white) fruit bowl, some seriously cool original pen and ink art work and a gorgeous scarf and tomorrow is still Big Present Day, otherwise known as Christmas Day. I am very excited. 
Proper Crimbo!

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