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Art Work / Bargain / Bathroom / Picture Post

I’m feeling a bit pleased with myself today.

This is because I managed to get my hands on an A2 framed poster for under £10. UNDER A TENNER. A2.

It was £9.94 to be exact. 
I’ll pause from being smug to explain. It’s basically a sheet of wrapping paper I found at Magma for £2.75 with a print of the New York Subway system on it. (I can’t find it on Magma’s site but they have similar wrapping paper on there)
Do many people think it’s reasonable to spend £2.75 to wrap a present? I resent paying that much for a whole roll of wrapping paper! They have loads of different rolls of wrap in store at the moment with really cool framable prints on them though and for that I am thankful. 
I planned to put this up in our bathroom as we’ve not wanted to hang any of our other decent prints for fear of them being ruined by steamy showers, so this is kind of perfect and very replaceable. Read c-h-e-a-p.
I went to Ikea and bought a £7.19 Nyttja frame which fits it perfectly and BOOM, it’s up and looking slick. FYI those Nyttja frames are cheap for a reason, they aren’t amazing, they only have perspex instead of glass and the back is made of what looks like a bit of old box, but again, for something that might get ruined in a year, the extremely exact price of £7.19 was not to be sniffed at. 
These pictures are telling me we need a better camera. 

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