In Your Face 90’s Door Decal

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Living Room / Picture Post / Vendor Hatred

We inherited this patterned glass door when we moved in to the house:

It reminded me of a boho bottle I got from Camden market in the late 90’s. Not good. 
It’s taken me the 7 weeks we have lived here to realise that I could actually peel off the mock stained-glass design. That’s a bit annoying really as every day it’s made me want to cry a little bit and all of that heart ache could have been saved had I just looked at it a little closer. 
Anyway this evening I peeled that mo fo off literally just using my fingernails. It went a litte something like this:
I was left with a lot of sticky residue from the self adhesive lead and sticky backed coloured plastic. So far I’ve used about a quarter of a bottle of nail polish remover, ruined our scourer from the kitchen and have only managed to remove the central flourish stickiness from both sides of the glass. I’ve yet to tackle the four corners, but I’ve developed a bit of a claw hand so it’s going to have to wait for another time. 
Not looking too bad though. I feel disproportionately happy about it. 

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