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We just bought a sofa.

Just like that.

Whilst Ben was watching the England game I was pootling about with a tape measure and some masking tape trying to see if the original sofa we were thinking of getting (Ikea’s Karlstad) would fit our living room. It wouldn’t. I’d neglected to notice that the bloody radiators, which are under the window and on the opposite wall, take away a good 20cm out of the room, meaning the Karlstad would have had to live partly on the fireplace.

We had a budget of about £900 for a new corner sofa, so knew that Ikea was pretty much our best bet. Yes CSL and the Furniture Village do lots of 0% APR/Buy Now Pay Later deals, but all of their sofas are rank. Unless you want a corduroy multicoloured monstrosity with integrated cup holder (which you might, but we didn’t) then, on such a tight budget, there isn’t really a lot of choice.

Enter I’ve been checking their site on and off for a while now. They are a great little set up who employ designers and craftsmen to make furniture to order and cut out the middle man. They don’t have a showroom or a warehouse or a real life shop, they just make furniture to order. So you get simple clean furniture with about a 70% discount on normal ‘high street’ prices.

Anyway, like I said, I’d been checking their site on and off for a while, but they only had one corner sofa and we didn’t really like it that much. Until I checked today and they had this beauty available:

The Vittorio:

It’s just really nice and dead simple. That’s ALL we wanted! You’d think CSL and co would have cottoned on to this but apparently not. Or maybe that’s the reason why they have to offer so many bloody deals…I don’t know. 
Anyway the Vittorio will fit our living room which is a start! It also has this really nice dimpling which I’ve seen on a few higher end sofas and really liked:
Obviously we’ve never sat on the thing, so that’s a big risk, but then they do offer a 7 day no quibbles refund so that’s good to know if we sit down and it feels like someone has stabbed us. 
So we bit the bullet and plonked down £899 plus £55 delivery. There is a count down clock on the site which marks when the next batch is being made and it’s at 5 days, so within the week our new sofa will be conceived. And within 14 weeks it will be born. Almost like a real baby, only comfier. 
Floor update soon and also a massive rant about NPower and the nightmare of a broken down boiler now we are homeowners. Lucky you. 

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  1. Angie says

    So did the new corner sofa fit the bill? Is it comfy and well manufactured?

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