Bye Bye Boring Wallpaper!

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Today was the DIY day to end all DIY days. The reason behind this is a little thing called Madeline Hernandez. My mother. My mother who doesn’t understand the meaning of the phrase “I’ll do it tomorrow”. So we did everything today.

Here’s what we did:

– Cut down the rose bush and hydrangea bush in the front garden
– Planed down the garden gate
– Planed down the bathroom door
– Replaced every single missing light bulb in the whole bloody house
– Finally bought some wood worm treatment  for the skirting boards
– Bought a blind for the bathroom
– Fixed the bathroom door handle
– Fixed the blind in the spare room
– Fixed the table in the dining room
– And last but not least, scraped away all of the boring wallpaper in the living room!

Ben did most of the scraping to be fair, but we are both so glad to see the back of the wallpaper of bore! Ok, so we have been left with a dark brown wall flanked by two gold walls (delicious) but we don’t care! We can PAINT (soonish).

Here’s what the wall looked like this morning (some of the wallpaper had already been ripped off by me the day we moved in, so we had a constant reminder that this job NEEDED doing asap):

My favourite part of the whole project was scoring the wallpaper. I can’t believe we nearly didn’t buy a wallpaper scorer! There is no way that the bitching paper would be off by now if we hadn’t bought this baby:

It’s a Stanley Maxi Orbital Wallpaper Scorer. To be honest I didn’t really want to get it at first as I thought that over a tenner for a wallpaper scorer was a bit much, but it really did make the whole process a shed load easier. 
It basically makes loads of little holes in the wallaper, without damaging the wall underneath. Then when you soak the walls, all of the wallpaper remover can seep through and losen the glue. It’s especially good on the thicker, shiney wallpapers that are basically water resistant. 
You can just about see the holes in the picture above…it basically looks like brail. 
Anyway then we soaked the whole wall about 7000 times  and finally the wallpaper-that-time-forgot started to lift and Ben got to work with his scraper, and an hour later he was allll done!
Next stop FLOORS. We are having them sanded down this weekend . It feels very luxurious and also a bit like ’60minute makeover’. 

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