Bathroom Fun Times

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Bathroom / DIY / Painting

We F-I-N-A-L-L-Y managed to get started on some pretty basic DIY this weekend! It only took a month of owning a house to be able to bring out a paint brush. Le sigh. We’ve been so effing busy though that everything’s been put on the backburner until now.

So on Sunday morning we whipped out the Crowne Kitchen & Bathroom paint and got cracking to attempt to turn our bathroom from ‘We’ve been smoking a lot in here’ to ‘We are nice clean people’.

Here is Ben looking silly and painting the ceiling. He had to do it because his arms are stonger than mine and he is a real man:

And here is the delightful original wall colour (Note bin bags over the taps. Stay classy!):
It didn’t really take very long to be honest but the wait for 4 hours between coats was a bit annoying. After we had done two coats we left it for the day and the next morning it was clear we would need a third coat. 
Fun times!
So last night I got back into my painting clothes and blitzed the whole thing again in about two and a half hours. Thanks very much. 
This is how it looks now sporting some white paint :

It feels LOADS cleaner in there now. I can’t wait to start putting in the pretty things! We need a cabinet, a mirror, a blind and some art work up on the wall. Plus I’ve just popped to Next and used a birthday gift card to buy these shit hot Egyptian Cotton towels in Slate. NICE. 
So there we have it for now. 
Next up, stripping the wallpaper from around the fireplace in the living room. That’s a job for when Mama Hernandez hits the mean streets of Manchester at the weekend!


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