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DIY / Floors / Picture Post

The last few weeks have been pretty overwhelming but lots of fun. Aside from turning 30th and having a fun filled four days with family and friends, we have been to-ing and fro-ing from our old house to the new place with boot loads of…well…crap really. With the help of a generous friend and his van we managed to get the last bits of furniture over and last Monday night we slept in our new home for the very first time!

I’m so excited to get started on making the house our home, but there is so much to be done that I’m a little apprehensive. I think first things first is the way to tackle it.

We need to have the floors refinished. No matter what we do to the walls they won’t look great until the floor is less scratched and beaten. I’ve been contacting a few local businesses to get some quotes and it’s looking like a job that will cost around £500. We did think about hiring in a sander and doing it ourselves, but the problem we have is lack of time. We have no free weekends until 2012 or something. Also with such a large area of our home being the floors, if we mess it up (which is a large possibility) then we are going to have a big job to fix.

I’ve been looking around the internet to see what floor colours we could go for. So far this seems to be my favourite.

Basically as far away as humanly possible from this reddy-brown nightmare….
…not a brilliant picture, I’ve not taken any of the floor since we’ve moved in…but you get the problem. 
Anyway, I think slicing up all of these crazy tasks into bite sized pieces is the way to go so that we don’t have a joint nervous breakdown.
Fingers crossed. 

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